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Community is the backbone of Viva La Boba.

As a woman of color owned business, focusing on diverse programming is a huge part of our mission. Despite our San Bernardino location being in a low-income census tract, we have worked hard to create an atmosphere of love, acceptance, creativity, and prosperity in Downtown San Bernardino. 


We're committed to showcasing and supporting the diverse talents of our local community. Each month, we proudly feature the artwork of a talented BIPOC artist on our walls. We invite you to visit and admire the stunning pieces on display while also showing your support for our thriving local arts scene.

Cleaning Nature

Trash Clean Ups

Ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle some trash with the Viva team? We're all about keeping our local area spick and span, and we'd love to have you on board! When you join us for a clean-up, we've got you covered with all the necessary supplies. Together, we'll make a real difference in keeping our community clean and beautiful.



We love supporting our vibrant community by giving back in meaningful ways! One way we do this is by donating gift cards to local small businesses, like IE Vegan Sunday's, for their event raffles. And what better prize to win than a Viva gift card? We've also donated gift cards to countless organizations, including Redlands Family Service, where our co-founder Tansu volunteers. By contributing to these raffles, we help shine a spotlight on the amazing small businesses in our area while also giving lucky winners a taste of the Viva experience. It's our way of strengthening the bonds within our community and showing our appreciation for the local business scene.

Old Books

We encourage active community participation through our little free library, conveniently situated right outside our entrance. Feel free to contribute a book or take one that catches your interest. It's a wonderful resource for discovering your next captivating read, accessible to everyone in our community!



We take immense pride in our close collaboration with local schools and organizations to host impactful fundraising events. We believe in the power of education and community, and supporting our schools is a top priority for us. If you're looking for a partner to help raise funds for your organization, reach out to us at, and let's explore how we can contribute to your cause and support your school. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of students and the entire community!

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NonProfit Work

We're all about building a strong community and supporting local non-profits at Viva La Boba! That's why we collaborate with these incredible organizations to host tabling events in our space. It's an opportunity for them to connect with our community and spread awareness about their important work.

And guess what? When it's that time of year, Viva becomes the ultimate destination to satisfy your Girl Scout Cookie cravings! You can find a delicious assortment of these iconic treats right here. So, swing by, support our local non-profits, and treat yourself to some scrumptious Girl Scout Cookies. It's a win-win for our community!

Rainbow flag


We're all about social justice and community fun! We team up with local LGBTQ+ organizations, like the amazing Trans Unity Center of San Bernardino City, supporting our trans and non-binary pals. Conveniently located nearby, they offer vital resources for all. We're also honored to be the meet-up spot for the energetic Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance. Their passion and advocacy inspire us every day. We're also proud to display Pride flags at both of our locations throughout the year.


We proudly collaborate with the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and support local street vendors. We've partnered with a nearby vendor, allowing them to list our bathroom as connected to their business, so they are eligible for a business license instead of being forced to cease operations. We believe in unity, not competition, and strive to create a thriving community where everyone's success is celebrated.


WORC Program

We proudly participate in the San Bernardino Unified School District Workability program, giving students with disabilities a chance to shine in a real work environment. It's all about creating opportunities and celebrating diversity at Viva La Boba!


We've teamed up with local non-profit SistersWe to create a stunning living plant wall just steps away from Viva La Boba. It's our way of beautifying the community and fostering a greener, more inviting San Bernardino!


At Viva La Boba, we're all about sustainability and showing love to Mother Earth. That's why we ditched plastic straws and switched to biodegradable plant fiber ones. In just one year, we've saved a whopping 88 pounds of plastic from cluttering up our planet!

And hey, recycling is our jam! We've got a handy blue bin right outside our spot, so you can easily recycle your cups and packaging. We also proudly take the California Clean Air Day pledge and donate to the Akoma Unity Center Earth Day celebration annually!

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 6.17.16 PM.png

Our Co-Founder Tansu Philip is a part of the Redlands Leadership program, the first class in 20 years! The Leadership Redlands program develops the next generation of active leaders for our community. Each month’s sessions highlight a different facet or issue facing Redlands. Unlike any other, this unique leadership program is a combination of exclusive focus groups to solve local issues and service opportunities. The vision of Leadership Redlands is that graduates demonstrate a commitment to servant leadership and positively impact the future of the city. Leadership Redlands allows for the next generation of Redlanders to have input on shaping the town in a successful way.  The Class of 2023 also produced a FREE Movies in the Park event for North Redlands, an often forgotten and underserved part of Redlands. 

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 11.43.14 AM.png

Doodle Disco is an awesome local organization that provides free art supplies for those interested in spending time together while making art. We are proud to host Doodle Disco whenever we can, and of course, let them take over the music! We also provide discounted drinks and free stickers for all participants.


We are BIG fans of the Garcia Center for the Arts located just 5 minutes away from our San Bernardino location. We support them whenever and however we can, including donating items to the Inland Empire Music Awards and Inland Empire Film Festival. We encourage you to pay them a visit and show your support!


Renewing Hope Strategies is a non-profit mental health organization that provides low to no cost services. With five locations currently open, they are in the process of raising funds for two mobile units to provide direct services to  community members who are unable to drive and/or do not have access to internet. Viva La Boba is a proud contributor to their Mental Health Gala.

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 1.13.23 PM.png

We partnered with our favorite real estate team Realicore and hired the amazingly talented local artist @saucey_pasta to redesign the iconic Breezeway Mural that has been there since the early 2000s. Saucey Pasta collaborated with the original artists of the mural to create a new, gorgeous design, inspired by votes from the community. Come check it out!


Collaborating with nonprofits like Music Changing Lives, we've made a significant impact in downtown San Bernardino by creating a powerful BLM mural. Together, we're using art to inspire and promote social change in our community.


Local Coffee

We're proud to serve up the freshest coffee at Viva La Boba, thanks to our partnership with Wild Goose Coffee Roasters in Redlands. Not only do they provide us with top-notch coffee beans, but they also make a positive impact in our community. For every purchase you make, they generously donate to a local food bank. So, when you sip our delicious coffee, you're not just fueling your day, but also supporting a worthy cause right here in our own backyard. Cheers to the power of local collaboration and making a difference together!


Activity Sheets

We offer FREE activity sheets for our guests! Fill out the crossword and word search and then turn it in for a FREE logo sticker!


School Community Partner

We love local schools! We're a Community Partner with Norton Language and Science Academy since 2022, and we're passionate about contributing to an incredible cause - the development of their future leaders! We've also donated to Emmerton Elementary, Cypress Elementary, Belvedere Elementary, Pacific High, San Bernardino High, and many more!


We frequently attend San Bernardino and Redlands city council meetings to voice our concerns on how the local community can be improved. When you support Viva La Boba, you support a bigger mission to improve the community! Check out videos of our co-founders speeches at city council here.

Karmodaya_Logo Design_Icon.webp

Our co-founder Tansu Philip is a consultant for the non profit Karmodaya, which seeks to improve the conditions of those experiencing poverty in India. Viva La Boba has donated time and resources towards this cause since 2020.

Screenshot 2024-07-17 at 9.53.07 AM.png

Feature Fest is a celebration of local filmmakers in San Bernardino and the works of art they have created throughout the year. We are proud sponsors of this event! We encourage you to check out our neighbor, the Garcia Center for the Arts, for more information on how to support this film festival and get involved. 



Students, teachers, hospital staff, and first responders, we've got you covered! Enjoy daily discounts - it's our little way of saying thanks for all that you do!


Community Board

Our community board at Viva La Boba is a hub for small businesses and individuals to showcase their flyers and business cards. It's a space where local talent and entrepreneurship shine, providing an opportunity for everyone to connect and discover the vibrant offerings within our community. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, take a look around, and support the amazing businesses and individuals right here on our community board!

Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 11.53.03 AM.png

We are proud to partner with San Bernardino Young People in Recovery, an incredible local chapter that is passionate about raising awareness and providing resources towards recovery for those in our community. YPR is a national nonprofit that provides peer recovery support services for youth and young adults in recovery—or who are seeking recovery—from substance use disorder. Their programs consist of community-based chapters; life-skills curriculum programs; and advocacy to reduce stigma and create more resources for recovery. We at Viva La Boba provide our local chapter with a space free of charge to distribute Narcan and informational materials.


Spiritleader Sponsorship

We have sponsored a JV Cheerleader at Redlands High School, our alma mater!


Our co-founder Tansu Philip is a board member on the Redlands Chamber of Commerce. She first started as an ambassador, working closely with local small businesses, and now is able to expand her impact in the small business community by making decisions on the board. 

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 1.46.50 PM.png

Viva La Boba works closely with Equus Workforce Solutions to hire inexperienced youth in need of work experience to develop their resume. 


We work with the Cal State University San Bernardino California Student Opportunity and Access Program (CAL-SOAP) to do presentations on social media marketing, starting a small business, and financial literacy. We have done many workshops with CAL-SOAP students so they can be better prepared for their future.  

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