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Here's a link to the article about Viva La Boba:

SAN BERNARDINO, CA — Viva La Boba owners are cleaning up their town despite being vandalized and burglarized over the weekend, the shop announced. The clean-up began at 11 a.m. Tuesday and would focus on the area around the San Bernardino tea shop.

"The best way to fight hate is with kindness," owner Tansu Philip said over social media.

On Saturday night, thieves broke into the shop in the 400 block of 4th Street in San Bernardino. Police are investigating where the boba tea shop's door glass was broken, and multiple items were taken from inside. No arrests have yet been made, according to authorities.

Closed-circuit video footage from the shop shows three hoodie-wearing suspects ransacking the front and back of the business, and so far, there are no leads.

"Fortunately, everyone is safe!" Philip said over social media. During the break-in, unidentified thieves stole merchandise, cookies, and other miscellaneous items."We can only assume they needed (those things) more than we did."

The store is cashless, so no money was stolen, but the doors and windows were smashed. Multiple iPads used to place orders were also taken, she told reporters.

On Sunday, they cleaned up and boarded up shattered glass windows to be able to open for their guests. Loyal customers arrived to place orders in spades, she said, during what is typically their slow season.

"I'm really grateful for that," she said.

They also stayed on track to host a clean-up project on Tuesday to beautify their corner of San Bernardino.

"I know it's a work day, so it's totally fine if you can't make it; we will have many more (clean-up events)," they said. "We are a community-oriented business and are committed to giving back to San Bernardino ALWAYS. No amount of break-ins can take that mission away from us. We love you, SB!"

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